Rewarding forest restructuring

Pina Earth quantifies and rewards the climate protection performance of forest adaptation

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Financing forest adaptation with carbon credits

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Forest adaptation stores more carbon

Through forest adaptation, you increase the climate resilience of your forest and thus store additional carbon.

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We certify this ecosystem service

Pina Earth quantifies and certifies this carbon storage performance and issues carbon credits for it.

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Income from the sale of the credits

Companies buy your carbon credits to offset emissions and thus achieve their climate protection targets.


Your access to the voluntary carbon market

1. Registration
Forest owner

Specification of contact details, as well as info about the forest area, and the planned adaptation measures

2. Feasibility Assessment

Estimate of the carbon storage potential of the project based on, among other things, the last inventory.

3. Project start
Forest owner Pina

Determination of the adaptation measures and signing of the project contract

4. Quantification and certification

Aerial survey of the forest and subsequent quantification and certification of the carbon storage performance.

5. First revenue
Forest Owner Pina

Generation and sale of credits for the first years of the project

Climate protection projects with Pina Earth


Through forest adaptation, you increase the climate resilience of your forest and thus ensure its continued existence. You can finance this from the very first year through the voluntary carbon market.

Full service

Pina Earth quantifies the carbon storage performance and handles the certification and sale of the carbon certificates. This allows you to focus entirely on forest management.


Every forest is different and you know yours best. According to your specifications, the adaptation measures are determined. Pina Earth only provides minimum standards.

Recurring income

We sell a portion of the credits generated over a total of 30 years in regular cycles. In this way, you already have income from the start of the project - even before the entire carbon storage performance occurs.

Maximum transparency

The projects, methodology used, and calculation results are stored in a publicly accessible way. Thus, certificates can be clearly traced back to the performance of specific projects.

Potential check first

You should know what you are investing in. Therefore, we first use existing data to estimate the revenue potential of a project and only then draw up a project contract together.

supported by

The "Pina" project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

Frequently asked questions

Are there eligibility criteria for a project with Pina?

To carry out a project with Pina, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The forest area is a private or corporate forest.
  2. You are allowed to carry out adaptation activities and commercially harvest timber on the forest land (e.g. because you own or are contracted to manage the land).
  3. The persons implementing the project have the experience and skills to successfully implement the planned measures. Evidence of this may include education or relevant work experience.
  4. The same carbon storage performance may only be counted once. This means that you may claim carbon credits either through Pina Earth or through other programs, but not in parallel.

What happens in case of calamities?

In the event of a storm, fire, bark beetle infestation, etc., the so-called risk buffer takes effect. In this buffer, a proportion of the certificates are set aside by each project, depending on a standardized risk assessment. In this way, potentially destroyed certificates can be replaced by previously set aside certificates.b In this case, the forest owner does not bear any additional costs. The project can then either be continued or restarted on the same forest area.

Is there enough demand for the CO₂ certificates?

The voluntary emissions market in which Pina operates is currently growing very strongly. The demand for regional CO₂ certificates, i.e. from projects in Germany, is particularly high and continues to grow. In order to achieve the optimal price for your certificates, Pina is in discussion with multiple market participants (e.g. leading sustainability consultancies).

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